About WYG2017

Welcome to the UCI World Youth Games 2017 - in Viborg 4 - 6 August

As an experienced organizer of big sports events, we look forward to organizing the World Youth Games this year. The courses will be built by specialists who know how to build the tracks with the right level of difficulties for each individual age group. Furthermore, there will be good training opportunities both close to the competition area and in the local trial club close by.

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We love sports in Viborg. Citizens, companies and organizations will be part of the 2017 UCI Trials WYG and make the event a special experience.
Viborg is a beautiful old town with everything you can wish for in terms of history, enjoyment, shopping, sports and culture – and that makes the historic city center a perfect place for the games. The location will make it great for the riders and a unique experience for the spectators (see map).
WYG is more than trial competitions. Along with a large handball tournament, we will create event areas, a fan zone and concerts and, not least, provide excellent opportunities for you to experience Viborg's sights and the surrounding countryside filled with attractions, experiences and the most wonderful nature.

Viborg is easy to get to. It is close to major roads, the railway system and just 20 kilometers from Midtjyllands Airport (Karup).

Viborg Municipality is looking forward to welcoming you!

For further information please contact:
Henrik Hauritz
Mail: hh@viborg.dk or
Tel.: + 45 30 57 10 12

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